Our Pool and Spa Fencing Solutions


The most popular type of pool fencing that we install, whether on the Mornington Peninsula or Melbourne, is Frameless Glass Pool Fencing. A Glass Pool Fence whilst it fulfils all legal requirements and keeps everyone safe is the best pool fencing option that keeps a sense of space in your outdoor area.

In balancing your decision of practicality v/s expense, keep also in mind that maintenance of a frameless glass pool fence is easy. There is no warping of wood; there is no painting & maintenance of so much metal; and, this glass is made to endure all Australian climactic and outdoor elements with ease!

Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing has a few more parts to be maintained / upkept in due course, and the fame itself, does not give the same flowing illusion of space as frameless does. However, when safety is a legal priority in your backyard, don’t delay and use the best option that you can afford.

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